Thursday, April 8, 2010


The past months, we have been working on several projects and they are all about done.

Last week we had a video crew in for several days. I (Matt) was with the crew for a couple of days as we filmed the different aspects of our ministry. We got several testimonies of lives that have been changed by the Lord within our ministry, and we also filmed testimonies of all our missionaries. At the end of this project, each missionary will have their own video to show supporters, as well as a Wichita World Impact video. I am excited to see how they all turn out.

This weekend, we are having our first Encounter the City conference. I have been leading a team preparing for 60 college students coming Friday night the 9th through Saturday evening. We will have about 50 students from Barclay College in Haviland, and 8 students from Sterling College. Angie will lead a couple of worship times and we will have several different teaching sessions. The topics range from, "The Centrality of the Church in urban missions, The Poor in the Bible, a teaching on Culture, and Evangelism in the City." Then Saturday afternoon we will do a tour of our different sites, and then Pastor Jerry at Lighthouse will lead them in doing door to door evangelism in our old church plant neighborhood.

Through the teachings and exposure to the city, we hope to challenge them with the needs of the city and not to ignore the Biblical mandate Christians have for the poor. Also we will be sharing about the various opportunities to serve with World Impact and would love to have a couple of students consider internships with us.

I also have been working on our 2nd 100 hole golf tournament. This is a big fund raise for our local ministry. We will have over 20 golfers participating. The tournament is on April 19th.

I will be playing in the event and looking for sponsors. On the link above there are instructions if you would be interested in sponsoring me. All of the money that I raise will be doubled.

Please pray for us as we complete these projects. Pray for good leadership and energy to do them well.


  1. Sounds like some awesome ministry is getting ready to happen. Praying for you Penners!

  2. Great to hear all the ways God is working in your lives. God Bless You Penner family!

  3. We'll be praying it's a great weekend for you both and everyone that attends.

  4. exciting stuff! i'll look forward to seeing the videos.