Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer is Here

Bree finished Pre-K last week and Ethan finished 1st grade yesterday.

Our kids did so well in school. Ethan continues to amaze us with his Spanish. Because he has been learning two languages, it has taken him a little longer to get the hang of reading. But now he is doing well in both languages. While he doesn't know every word he reads in Spanish, he can read perfectly with a great accent.

We are excited for all of our summer activities for our family and ministry. I will be directing our summer intern program. We will have two interns and one full-time volunteer that I will be over. They will do lots of ministry to kids and teens and work in our church plant. Our full-time volunteer will work with me with our different volunteer groups that we will host this summer. He is an amazing cook!

We have planned many fun activities for our kids. Ethan goes to boy scout camp next week. He is also playing baseball and Bree is playing t-ball for the first time. It's fun to see her learn to play. She does so many things left-handed that she can't figure out which hand to throw with. So far we are trying right and that seems to be a little better than the left but we aren't totally sure. :)

The kids will also do swimming lessons the next two weeks. They will do a week of VBS at a local church, and Ethan will also have a week of basketball camp at the YMCA.

Then in July, Angie and the kids will spend a few days with her dad in Colorado and then we will take our family vacation to Florida.

We have set a goal for Ethan to read 30 minutes a day this summer. If he can complete that goal, he will get his own digital Spanish English dictionary. He is excited to earn that. He loves looking up words on mine.

Here are a couple of pictures of the summer hair cut we just gave Ethan.

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