Friday, March 18, 2011

Moody Students!!!

Instead of answering a WHY question this week, here is an update on our week with Moody Students.

The past two years I have made 5 recruiting trips to Moody.  They have a great urban missions program there led by Professor Clive Craigen.   He really loves World Impact because of our emphasis on church planting.  So in the last year, we talked about having students come for a learning trip with us here in Wichita and with our ministry in St. Louis.

The past week, we had 5 students visit Wichita for 3 full days.  Part of the time was spent in the classroom doing different teachings on culture, the city, and church planting.  Then the rest of the time was visiting different church plant services, or just learning from various church plant pastors that I know.

On Tuesday afternoon, we spent two hours doing door to door evangelism in our old community of Oaklawn. The students enjoyed partnering with Lighthouse Community Church and putting into practice their faith.

The last evening, Angie and I hosted them in our house and we led them in prayer and worship.

Below are a few pictures.

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