Friday, March 25, 2011

Why we love serving with World Impact?

This September, we will complete 12 years of service with World Impact.

Angie and I are more excited than ever about serving. Here are some reasons why we love ministering with World Impact.

  • Their commitment to empowering the urban poor.   (James 2:5)
  • Their commitment to starting churches in some of the hardest communities in the city, often where the church is currently not thriving
  • We love all of the staff we serve with in Wichita and in other cities.  Because Wichita hosts many conferences, we have had the privilege of getting to know many staff in other other cities.  We feel like we serve with the finest missionaries.
  • We have great leadership.
  • Our staff has become our family and they have truly embraced our kids as "Aunts" and "Uncles".
  • Serving with World Impact allows us to do many different jobs and roles.  Our days are never dull or boring.  Whether we are trying to use our broken Spanish in helping a church plant, or hosting college students, or interacting with different leaders who are in for training with TUMI, we are blessed to meet a wide variety of amazing people who love the Lord.
  • Best of all we get to serve God and give Him glory everyday in all of those roles!

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