Monday, September 5, 2011


Today, Angie and I have been married 13 years.   As I reflect on that number, at times it feels like we've been married forever and yet it's hard to believe it's already been that many years.

In these past years we've grown up a lot together and experienced a lot.......

  • births of Ethan and Bree
  • planting a church and ups and downs in ministry
  • incredible friendships
  • death of a mom
  • death of a brother
  • 4 months in Costa Rica
  • burnout
  • spiritual and emotional healing
  • weight gain and loss :)
  • lots of laughter and inside jokes
  • music and concerts

I am very aware that I married up.  Right before our wedding, my mom told Angie, "I tried, he's yours now."  I don't think she fully knew what my mom meant until a few years into marriage.  Recently at a staff gathering, when they heard it was our anniversary coming up, they all congratulated Angie in her perseverance!  Even though we all shared a great laugh, I knew there was some truth in that.

In this day of age where so many marriages fail even among Christians, I am so grateful we are still together, in love, growing close to Christ and each other.

I am more excited than ever about our family, our life, and where God has us in our marriage. I can't wait to see what is in store for us.

Thanks, Angie, for your perseverance!

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