Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Francis Chan Event

While it was an immense amount of work planning for this event, it was one of my favorite projects I've been a part of since joining staff.  I worked with a great team planning the event and was a part of working with tech stuff, brainstorming new ideas, and networking with lots of people. (one of my favorite things in life).  The event was a great success and here is the official article on it. 

World Impact Wichita was honored to host Francis Chan for two special events November 3-4.  Francis has served on our national board for around ten years.
On November 3, Francis spoke at Central Christian Church. Around 2,700 people attended the event!  Francis shared his heart for the poor and challenged everyone to take the Bible literally. He said that it is often common for people to twist the message of the Bible to justify their own lifestyles. But, instead, they need to fully obey the message communicated in Scripture—to love and preach the good news to the poor. Dr. Keith Phillips, the president and founder of World Impact, gave an overview of our vision and ministry and then gave a challenge for people to be involved with caring for the poor.

The next morning, 300 pastors and leaders of local churches came to a breakfast hosted by Westlink Christian Church. Francis gave another powerful challenge to these leaders.

Chan breakfast

We praise God for the ways He moved in the hearts of people through these events.
Around 150 people expressed interest in learning more about World Impact. Fifteen people came to “Encounter World Impact” to learn more about specific ways to get involved with World Impact in Wichita. Generous givers allowed us to raise $35,000 that evening!

Here are some responses we heard from people after the event:

“Francis Chan really made us squirm in our seats tonight. Wait, we actually have to follow the Bible all the way? Very challenging. Thanks World Impact Wichita, and our friends Don Davis and Matt Penner for sharing this with Wichita and City Life Church. Kudos to Steve Brummer and Lee Lundgren for doing a great job with worship!”

“I was encouraged and convicted at the same time. A friend said it's like someone hugging you and punching you in the gut at the same time.”

“Heard Francis Chan speak last night. We went home to ask God, "Ok...now what?" and to continue as he (Francis) encouraged…to take the Bible more literally.”

“So glad I got to go last night to hear Francis Chan! Now the question is: what do I do about it?”

“Last week, after months of avoiding God, denying his calling, skipping church, etc. He broke through. What Francis said was not new or ground breaking to me. Instead, it was simply confirmation that I am being restored to ministry...a call that once issued is irrevocable. Oddly, 10 days ago I had received an email from my seminary about someone inquiring about my availability to help a church/youth group. I had ignored the email...until last Thursday night.”

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