Friday, February 3, 2012

Why do people make fun of each other?

This is the question Ethan asked me after school this week.  At his school, he is in the minority but I am not sure that he even notices that.  He has friends from different ethnicities.  He described two situations this week that burdened his heart.  First he observed some friends making fun of an Asian boy.  Then some of his friends asked him if he likes African Americans. When he answered yes, they just started to laugh.

Sadly Ethan is experiencing something that has been a part of humanity from the beginning.   I explained to him that people have always wanted to be with their own culture and often they think it is superior to others.  It is the root of wars and incredible sufferings that different groups have had to experience because of this attitude.

While these are hard lessons to learn, I am grateful Ethan has a love for people and that he is experiencing life as a minority at his school.  It will give him a great perspective as he grows and matures and interacts with those from many different walks of life.  

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