Monday, March 5, 2012

Triathlons 2012

I am in my 2nd year of competing in triathlons. Last year, I didn't know what I was doing in my training. I followed a general schedule but didn't focus on core training or stretching, so my knee started to hurt as I was increasing my miles. I found out that, because my body had been inactive for so long, it was extremely stiff and my core was very weak. So I trained less this fall and focused more on flexiblity and getting my core stronger.  I have so far to go in this area but I am making improvements.

I have learned how to train with a heart monitor and I have a good training schedule that I am following.  I feel so much more ready for this year!

This past weekend, I attended a seminar by Sheila Taormina.  She lectured mostly on good swimming technique, but I also learned some valuable points in other areas of the sport. Sheila is an amazing athlete and has competed in 4 different Olympics in 3 different sports. She is the first woman to ever do that. It was such an honor to hear her and to meet her.

Below are my triathlon goals for 2012.  This is, of course, dependent upon my body holding up, and if I am able to put in the required training.  I have learned to hold my goals loosely.  So much can happen that is out of my control - injury, work schedule, etc.

1.  May 20th in Kansas City - Sprint Distance -
2. June 3rd - Inside/Out - NW YMCA - Sprint Distance
3. July 8th - Mudwater - Sprint Distance -
4. September 23rd - Redman - Olympic Distance -


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