Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Prayer for our country - From Psalm 81

As I was reading and praying through Psalm 81 from the lectionary reading this week, I was struck that this could be a great Psalm and prayer for our country.  So here is my attempt at a prayer with Psalm 81 in mind also clearly remembering America is not Israel.  But the spirit of the prayer, I think can apply well to our situation.

Lord today, we declare your praises.  We sing aloud to you, who is our strength.  We will use anything we have, instruments, our hands, our lives to celebrate you.  We will throw a party and festival in your name.  You are above all gods. We bless your name.

You have been so faithful to us.  You have walked with us through generation after generation.  Just like you walked with the Israelite's and delivered them from Egypt and many enemies, you have been with us in our country. You have walked with us. You have prospered us. You have given us amazing freedom. Amazing blessings.  You have been our protector.

Lord you said that we are to obey your voice, but we have not done that.  We have way to many distractions to even hear your voice now.  We are one with culture. We can't truly discern your will because we are so consumed with media, money, and the things of this world.  We confess that we have idols. We have worshiped our possessions, our security, our freedom rather than truly worshiping you.   Instead of bringing unity to the body of Christ, we have debated other believers and taken stands against so many things.  Instead of loving our enemies and showing them how good you are, we have not represented your name.  We have not been holy.  We have sinned, Lord.

We want to walk with you. We want to walk in your ways. Bring us back, Lord. Bring us to our knees.  Deliver us one more time from our sin, from our wicked ways. Heal our hearts. Heal our churches. Heal our families.  Keep our eyes focused on you.

We know that if indeed walk in your ways and follow your voice, you will give us what we need.  Not what we think we need, but you will feed us with your presence. We will be truly satisfied in you, Jesus.

Hear our prayer, Lord. We are desperate. We are in need of you to bring us back again.


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