Thursday, August 27, 2015

Unshakable Kingdom, Unwavering Warrior

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the East Region Siafu Men's Retreat. World Impact puts on these retreats for men in each of our three regions every fall. Siafu is a national association of chapters anchored in local urban churches and ministries dedicated to the advancement of the Kingdom in the city. The theme of this retreat was Unshakeable Kingdom Unwavering Warrior. Dr. Don Davis gave dynamic messages on how we can be Warriors for the Lord and what God is doing to adopt a People to Himself.  

While the teachings and worship were impactful and important, maybe one of the greatest purposes of the Men's Retreat was the connections created among the urban pastors, leaders and men in their ministries. The very name "Siafu" comes from an ant in Tanzania. A single ant is vulnerable and alone. But together, Siafu ants are an extremely powerful force – they travel in packs of millions and overcome anything in their way.

So it is in city. Many urban pastors and leaders can feel isolated and alone, but our hope is that through the network of Siafu chapters and these retreats we can create a deep sense of community and belonging. This impacts the city as a whole and, ultimately, the Kingdom of God.

One Pastor I got to know at the retreat was Desmond Wedderburn from Brooklyn. He recently joined World Impact as an Associate and has an already established powerful ministry called Calvary Crosses. Every Friday during the summer, his team does outreaches in the city focused on preaching and prayer for salvation and discipleship. He has a growing and dynamic church, but for the past ten years he has felt alone. This weekend retreat was his first exposure to other pastors and leaders – and many of the resources that World Impact and TUMI have to offer. Desmond said that this weekend allowed him to connect to a larger network of urban churches. It is incredibly beneficial to not feel alone.  

Pastor Desmond is one of thousands of leaders and pastors that we want to train, empower, and equip as we seek a great harvest of urban churches in the years to come.

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