Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lighthouse is 8 Years old!!!

Today Lighthouse Community Church celebrated its 8 year anniversary.  Pastor Jerry asked me to come and share in the sermon with him.

It was an honor to be back to our old church.  It's been three years since we finished our assignment there and Jerry Willhite took over as pastor.

The church is doing great.  Pastor Jerry has done a fabulous job with continuing the ministry and discipling the church.

It was so good to see many of the core people who have now been in the church for years.  Below our some pictures from the day.

 It was great sharing the pulpit with Pastor Jerry.

    Above his three guys that used to be in our teen club and they still attend the church.  Below is our good friend Mike (the drummer)

Our church started in the home of Sam and Angie with a small group in 2000.  

This was our first home in Oaklawn. 

This was our 2nd home in Oaklawn.  

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