Thursday, April 26, 2012

Esteban from Streetlights Here in Wichita

Esteban is part of a project called Streetlights.  His team is putting the Bible into hip hop.  He spent the last couple of days here in Wichita to meet with Dr. Don Davis at TUMI about their big project.  It is a totally fresh way to listen to the Bible.  Eight years ago when he was working with urban teens he realized that there was a big barrier to their understanding of the Bible.  Many of them couldn't read well or fully understand the words.  So a vision was birthed to put the Bible into hip hop beats.  Streetlights just released their first volume which you can download here for free.  It is the first 6 chapters of Genesis and the book of John. 

While Esteban was here, he gave a message to our urban church association. This includes our current church plants with World Impact, as well as Lighthouse Community Church and Restored Community Church. 

He gave a powerful message on the curious way that Jesus uses suffering and death to bring about perfection and holiness in our lives.  It was especially timely for many of those from Lighthouse who were in attendance. They have been through so much with the tornado.  

Esteban is hoping to come back this summer with his whole team to give a full concert and outreach.  We are hoping this will be powerful time to reach many urban teens for the Lord with a creative message. 

Below is him sharing about last night and then two of their videos that they have produced. 

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