Friday, April 22, 2011

Why Angie is Recording Music?

In the last two months, Angie has set up a studio in our basement and taken over my office.  (no I am not bitter about this, really,  I'm not. )

She is in the process of learning the ins and outs of the software and working out all of the bugs. She will hopefully start to actually record music in the next couple of weeks.

The purpose of the music is for our church planting.  In Wichita, our vision as a staff is to plant many churches among the poor.  We are working on developing resources that will assist in the planting of the churches.  One of those resources will be the music Angie is producing.

As we plant a church, if there isn't someone gifted to lead worship in the church, anybody can lead with the CD. Below is a few pictures of Angie in her studio.

Please pray for her as she records the music.   The project at times feels enormous and overwhelming to her.   Pray that this CD project would be truly used to help us plant churches here in Wichita and that through it people will be lead into the presence of God.

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