Friday, October 21, 2011

If Our God is For Us Tour Concert

Last night our family went to a great concert.  Christy Nockels is one of Angie's favorite female voices and, because of that, Bree loves Christy.  Whenever we are in the car making requests for the mp3 player, Bree asks for Christy Nockels. :)  Plus, we all sing Chris Tomlin songs at church - so last night was a special treat for our family.

We got to the concert at 5:30 and thought we'd be near the front, but there was already a line. Thankfully my dad and his friends were in the very front, and they invited us to join them. So when the doors opened we ended up getting 4th row seats!

We loved the whole concert.   What is so clear about the Passion movement is their absolute desire and focus to give God all glory and praise. That was completely evident last night.  We enjoyed hearing all the best Tomlin songs and especially a couple of numbers by Christy.  Louie Giglio had an amazing message from Psalm 148.  He showed how God had designed all of creation to worship him and how he invites our voice to be a part of that.  He had sounds from stars and whales. It was pretty amazing to hear those sounds that they are making all around us, and how God desires us to join in.

The kids faded and were tired the last 45 minutes but it was well worth it.  

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