Saturday, May 26, 2012

God's New Call Part 1: The Past

These last months have been some incredible wrestling for Angie and me.  We have seen God wake up some passions, and speak in a dramatic way to us.  In our blog, we want to update you all on what God has done and what He has spoken to us.  To put it shortly, God has revealed how the 13 years we’ve worked with World Impact has prepared us and brought us to the specific task ahead.  Here is a quick summary of where we’ve been. 
(1999 to2007) – Church plant years in Oaklawn. We started our family and, in a sense, grew up during this time.  We both learned so much - how to pastor, preach, lead worship, raise kids, etc.  But as we left Lighthouse, we were burned out from not knowing how to stay healthy in ministry. Also during this time, as I processed with my WI leaders, we wondered if church planting was really what God called me to.  I wondered if it was in my gifting.  During this time, I realized that my identity was wrapped up in being a church planter. 
(‘08 to summer of ‘09) – The Dark Ages.  This season represents the hardest and darkest of our lives. It actually started in August of ‘07 when Angie’s mom passed away.  In the spring of ‘08, we spent four months in Costa Rica to learn Spanish and for renewal.  Right when we came back to Wichita, my brother, Phil, died and this was the knock out punch for us emotionally.  We spent the next year, grieving and emotionally raw. Yet it was also the start of God starting to bring healing to our lives.
(Fall of ‘09 to Feb of 2012) – Healing & Learning.  During this time, we felt more emotional, physical, and spiritual health returning to us.  We are learning healthy family rhythms. I have learned how to take care of my body through eating well and exercising.  We were open to different church plants and had been a part of a few different things, but each time God seemed to close the door.  In February we felt clear to, but abruptly stopped attending the Spanish church plant. After that, I thought that maybe God was calling us to not be a part of front-line church planting. 
I was doing many new jobs with WI and learning new skills.  I drove the Mobile Clinic, worked at the thrift store, led our communications team, networked for fund-raising, coordinated events, became our volunteer coordinator, hosted work groups, recruited at churches and colleges, and directed Wichita Member Care. The roles listed are every possible position available within World Impact – minus the director!  All jobs I enjoyed, some more than others, yet there was no role where I felt clearly called by God to do.  

To be continued in a couple of days......


  1. Praise God for His leading in your journey...Praise the Lord! He is the Lord our Shepherd and leads us down right paths. Again, Praise the Lord!

  2. Thanks Mike for all your encouragement to us.

  3. Matt, we're proud of you and your family. We try to follow a Godly path here in Mac town, but I'm so glad we have people like you!

  4. Thanks Andy and that's great. Where are you all going to church at? Blessings.